Do I need to be fast to join the club?

Of course not! We accommodate every one from the competitive athlete to the casual runner.

What should I bring to sessions?

Comfortable, appropriate running clothing, good running shoes (very important!), water (if you feel you need it), an upbeat attitude and some quality chat!

What kind of distance do we run?

All kinds, check out our trails.

Do we do any speed work?

Completely optional but highly recommended if you wish to race. Check our training schedule here.

Do I need to come to every training session?

Oh heck no! As many as you can/want to, we are all human, after all...

How often are there races?

See our race calendar here, usually every week to two weeks, sign up for the ones you want to. Make sure to check the emails to see what's happening next.

How do I sign up for them?

Usually by replying to the race emails if you're on the mailing list, otherwise feel free to message one of the committee. For some races, we may put an online sign-up form on the site.

Are race teams selected?

Most races are open to any runners who want to race, the committee will try to explain what the competition level of the race will be like, but will still encourage all who are interested to race. When teams are selected for races (usually relays), they are selected based on recent race performances and how well they have been training.

What’s the deal with socialising?

Our club is extremely sociable, perhaps too sociable... We try to host regular socials, movie nights, outings, trips, and other adventures. We also offer social events for drinkers, non-drinkers, and everyone in between! We even try to get together with our friends in the Athletics and Triathlon clubs every so often.

Do I need to be a member of the Sports Centre as well? 

Yes, you do. The Sports Centre is nice enough to allow us the use of their beautiful athletics track and floodlights every-so-often, and the studio for circuits sessions, so it seems only decent that we repay them for their generosity. We would recommend you get the Fitness Plus membership so you have unlimited access to all facilities but Club level membership is also fine.

How can I get some of the super-cool Cross Country kit?

Kit is available for purchase via this link

Any other questions? Contact Us