Former Club Captain and History Graduate (2005-2009), Richard Harker, has done some digging into the annals of our club and with the help of a number of alumni has created a club-history.


The University of St Andrews Cross Country Club was officially recognised by the University of St Andrews Athletic Union in 1944, however, it is clear that long-distance running has been a feature of the student lifestyle in the east of Fife, as far as can be proven, for nearly two centuries now. Aided by large amounts of records from the early years of the club maintained in the Rare Collections area of the University library, one is able to see the evolution of long distance running since 1869, where a correspondence states that “Ladies prizes be given to winners of the mile race” suggesting that long and middle distance running existed within the University Athletics Club. This energetic organisation oversaw “gymnastics” and Athletic events for male students of the university, and included traditional Athletics events including the Hurdles and High Jump. This inclusion of prizes for Ladies was an exception to the all male policy of the University sport at this time, but does demonstrate how long distance running was incorporated within the University’s Athletics Club. 

Since the Club was officially recognised by the University in 1944 there have been numerous outstanding performances, including a number of individuals winning the Scottish Universities Title, including David Lorimer (1970s), Richard Archer (1984, 1986) and Owen Greene (2000). In this time the club has also given rise to a number of exceptional regional, national and international runners. Most famous of these is Olympian Donald Macgregor whose 7th place finish in the Marathon at the 1972 Munich Olympics still rates as a highlight in the history of British marathon running.