Scottish XC National Championships 2018

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A new course for the Scottish Nationals, held as always in the stunning Callander Park in Falkirk. With a small, but resilient as ever group of five runners running for the club, and two others running for other clubs, the sun shining and minimal mud made for a fast XC course. A notable mention goes to Morgan Mitchell, running for Fife AC, who made it to an incredible 76th place, with a time of 37:34 for the 10.5km Men's Senior. Both gender senior races were 10.5km, and U20 was 7.5km.


172nd Stephen MacDougall 40:01
215th Charles Hillman 41:16
465th Alfie Scott 47:54

MEN'S U20 (7.5KM)
60th Corey Smith 35:37

Charles Hillman
XC Publicity Rep

BUCS 2018

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This year hosted by Brunel University in London, the British Universities and Colleges Sport Cross Country Championships drew in a massive total of 1655 runners down. After a long 9.5 hour drive on the Friday, we settled in to our accommodation, and mentally prepared for the day ahead. The course was fairly flat, with a little hill, and a great river crossing (some shoes were lost). A distance of 9.92km for the men's A, 8.4km men's B, and 6.88 women's gave a great variety, with all races (thankfully) only being 2 laps of an adjusted course. Luckily, there was only a very light drizzle, and barely any wind, so aside from the cold temperature, we had ideal conditions.

Following the post-race near hypothermia, and extensive showering, we headed off to Brunel student's union for a fantastic afterparty, all dressed in our new social t-shirts for BUCS this year. £5 for 3 VKs, an incredible silent disco, and a rodeo made for a smashing end to an eventful day. Overall, an incredible bonding weekend, full of XC love, support, and a great race! Well done to everyone who went!


40th Team

115th Morgan Mitchell 37:28
204th Stephen McDougall 40:03
241st Charlie Hillman 41:13
277th Michael Rimicans 43:02
278th Jonny Brattle 43:02
318th Andrew Taylor 46:32

87th Team

252nd Chris Russel 33:06
398th John Kearns 36:52
402nd Evan Bohan 36:59
438th Corey Smith 38:14
454th Alfie Scott 38:46
469th Avery Kitchens 39:21

56th Team

483rd Izzy Remers 32:45
508th Chloe Martin 33:16
517th Bella Chase 33:24
523rd Harriet Allan 33:34
582nd Emily Renfrew 35:05
631st Eleanor Braithwaite 37:33
661st Sarah MacNeill 40:10
677th Elizabeth Grufferman 41:30

Charles Hillman
XC Publicity Rep

Braids 2017

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A hands down stunning course, some tight turns, steep up and down hills, and a crazy ceilidh and night out; Braids Hill race this year was as awesome as ever. Joining a whole host of universities and running clubs from all over the country, our 17 athletes took part in either the 5k (one lap) or 10k (two laps) course in South Edinburgh. Special mention to our own Morgan Mitchell, coming a whopping 7th out of 224 in the 5k. 
After the race and getting ready, we headed to the Royal Society of Medicine, for our haggis, neeps and tatties, as well as a ceilidh, then all headed out to a club to dance those DOMS away!



7th Morgan Mitchell 16:37
40th Jonny Brattle 18:03
44th Oliver Randon 18:15
69th Michael Rimicans 19:30
127th Avery Kitchens 21:33
249th Chris Russell 26:18

193rd Isabel Remers 23:33
195th Louisa Bryant 23:33
202nd Eleanor Braithwaite 23:43
216th Isabella Chase 24:07
217th Harriet Allan 24:15
250th Emily Renfrew 26:25
263rd Sarah MacNeill 27:34


55th Stephen McDougall 36:45
76th Charlie Hillman 38:16
109th Alfie Scott 40:23
144th Corey Smith 43:02

For full results, click here

Charles Hillman
XC Publicity Rep

East District XC League Match 1 2017

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Held in the grounds of the University of Stirling, this race was true cross country. Ankle deep mud and a fantastic undulating course, it provided a great excuse to break out the 12mm spikes. Accompanied by Edinburgh Uni Hares and Hounds, and friends from the University of Aberdeen (racing for Aberdeen AC), it provided to be a great day in a scenic location. 9km for men, and 6km for women, definitely a must for anyone wanting to start out in cross country. 


Charlie Hillman - 106th - 37:08 
Corey Smith - 189th - 41:27

Overall 12th Team
Annabel Personeni - 20th - 24:38 
Giulia Park - 36th - 25:51 
Sarah MacNeil -125th - 35:54

Full Results can be found here

Charles Hillman
Publicity Rep

East District Relays 2017

posted 24 Oct 2017, 09:38 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport

This year held at the stunning Glamis Castle in Angus, the 4km course was a welcome challenge. Mostly taking part in woods, and ending on a small hill, it provided for some fast times. A notable mention goes to our own Morgan Mitchell, who made it onto the list of fastest times, with a result of 13:51! Other unis present were Edinburgh and Aberdeen (racing under Aberdeen Athletic Club). Was overall a great set up for Match 1 the following week!

For full photos, click here


Overall: 23rd - 58:45

Philip Wright 13:54
Corey Smith 16:26
Morgan Mitchell 13:51
Stephen McDougall 14:34

Overall: 23rd - 51:48

Giulia Park 16:38
Louisa Bryant 18:44
Chloe Martin 16:26


Isabella Chase 18:58
Sarah MacNeill 22:35

Isabel Remers 18:03 (Running for Dundee Hawkhill Harriers)

For Full Results, Click here

Giffordtown 5K 2017

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The annual Fife AC's Giffortown race was fantastic as always! Although weather was rainy at the start, it eased when the race got going. Despite not the largest showing, our athletes all ran well with the rain, producing cool conditions for a fast race. Notable mentions go out to Morgan Mitchell, for coming a fantastic 5th place with a smashing time of 16:20, and Chloe Martin, 5th woman with 19:29.

For all race photos, click here


5th Morgan Mitchell 16:20

27th Chloe Martin 19:29 (5th Woman)
29th Annabel Personeni 19:45 (6th Woman)
89th Hannah Pedone 24:31 (31st Woman)

Full results can be found here

Charles Hillman
Publicity Rep

Chariots of Fire 5K

posted 1 Oct 2017, 07:30 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport

Our annual Chariots of Fire 5K race went off an absolute blast, with a record of 93 people finishing. Representatives from Aberdeen, Glasgow Caledonian, St Andrews, Heriot-Watt, Abertay, Edinburgh and Dundee were present. First Male saw a hatrick for Rory Stead of Aberdeen, winning for his third year in a row; and Ali Hunter of Aberdeen first female. For the first year, home team St Andrews won the first team, with a notably impressive from our own Annabel Personeni winning second female. Being the first ever Cross Country Varsity, as part of the kingdom vs capital games, St Andrews won against Edinburgh also. 
Along with the runners from other universities that stayed, we all enjoyed a smashing cheesy afterparty in Sandy's Bar, full of 90's karaoke and pablos. 
Thanks to all that took part, and here's to an even bigger race next year!

Photos courtesy of Hannah Wyles:
Photos courtesy of Sarah MacNeill:

Full Results:

Charlie Hillman
XC Publicity Rep

Trip Away 2017: Isle of Man Easter Running Festival

posted 18 Apr 2017, 11:58 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport

For the first time, St Andrews University was represented at the annual Isle of Man Easter Running Festival; joining Scottish Universities Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, alongside a host of English universities and running clubs. 3 races, 3 days ,around 8 hours travel time, but what one hell of trip it was. 

Starting off on Friday, we drove down to Lancaster from St Andrews, to take the ferry to the capital of IOM, Douglas, trying to be as fast as we could so we could make it in time for the evening 10km road race and registration at Port Erin. Let's just say we made use of the fact that there's no national speed limit in IOM, and made it to the start with our numbers with seconds to spare (our warm up was a sprint to the start line after getting our numbers). 
The race was overall an incredibly scenic 10K, taking us from one side of the island to the other and back, with a vicious downhill at the last kilometer. Some PBs were had, and overall was a great jump start to the weekend.

We raced down the roads in the stove-mobile and the van (and eventually old Betsy) to reach our church hall base, where we had an early night in preparation for the Peel Hill race the next day. Leaving early, we drove to the coast, and did a quick ~4k hike around the area, with some incline to warm us up for the race that afternoon. After a quick search for garlic and a cute picture by a waterfall, we headed to Peel.

Arriving early this time at our race start; right by the castle, then the men's 4 mile started first, all competing doing incredibly well, despite the two sets of steep incline. The women's 3 mile race second, with all girls doing us proud, specifically Annabel Personeni, who finished as the 6th under 20 woman!

After, we headed down the beach, got huge ice creams and explored the beautiful castle's walls as the sun was descending. We finished the evening by making a large group dinner, and most of us heading to the pub, and doing a bit of post-race yoga.

The next day started super early, as we headed to Douglas for our final race of the festival - the 5K road race. Still aching from the race before, the women started this one off, with a fast set off down the wet promenade. Shout out to Chloe Martin, who came 4th under 20 woman! Men next, a few PBs were had, with a dramatic finish of Sam Lesley, Andrew Taylor and Charlie Hillman finishing within 3 seconds of each other. Another highlight of that race was the Glasgow student running in a dress and heels in about 20 minutes.

We then went for a well deserved lunch out, group cooked dinner, and preparation for the night out in Douglas. After our intense water oat race at the afterparty, we decided we weren't really feeling the vibe (partly due to the fact we had to wake up super early the next morning), and headed back to our church hall for a few heated games of Mafia, before bed, and the ferry + drive home the next day.


42nd Philip Wright 35:10
66th Andrew Mitchell 36:31 (14th U20)
89th Andrew Taylor 37:39 (17th U20)
93rd Charlie Hillman 37:46
106th Chris Russell 39:00
114th Sam Lesley 39:22
152nd Alfie Scott 41:31 (31st U20)

13th Chloe Martin 39:43 (4th U20)
74th Louisa Bryant 49:06

28th Philip Wright 23:23
49th Andrew Taylor 24:35 (11th U20)
50th Chris Russell 24:35
53rd Stephen McDougall 24:39
71st Andrew Mitchell 25:45 (16th U20)
105th Alfie Scott 28:02 (24th U20)

33rd Annabel Personeni 21:26 (6th U20)
56th Corrin Blake 23:04 (16th U20)
59th Naomi Metcalfe 23:17 (17th U20)
61st Louisa Bryant 23:23
86th Jenny Stocks 25:32 (25th U20)

21st Philip Wright 16:24
48th Andrew Mitchell 17:07 (13th U20)
60th Chris Russell 17:36
66th Sam Lesley 17:45
68th Andrew Taylor 17:47 (19th U20)
71st Charlie Hillman 17:48 (21st U20)
107th Stephen McDougall 19:15
139th Alfie Scott 20:34 (27th U20)

12th Chloe Martin 18:34 (4th U20)
38th Annabel Personeni 20:38 (9th U20)
64th Corrin Blake 22:25 (15th U20)
104th Jenny Stocks 26:35 (24th U20)

23rd Philip Wright 91
47th Andrew Mitchell 185
54th Andrew Taylor 206
58th Chris Russell 216
96th Alfie Scott 396

13th St Andrews A 42
17th St Andrews B (U20) 53

Charlie Hillman
Publicity Rep

Round the Houses 10K 2017

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A favourite road race of the season, Round the Houses 2017 didn't disappoint. Sporting a new course for this year, we enjoyed a full 10K course that showed the more scenic side to Grangemouth, as oppose to its chemical treatment works. With plenty of PBs all round (and a couple of DNFs), it was a great chance to practice for the Isle of Man 10K the week after! Particular congratulations goes to Chloe Martin, who finished as the first woman under 20, and the men's team, finishing third out of the universities present.  


27th Phillip Wright 34:29
95th Stephen McDougall 37:39
106th Charlie Hillman 38:01

129th Chloe Martin 39:13
554th Sarah MacNeill 58:59

Full race results can be found here

Charlie Hillman
Publicity Rep

BUCS XC 2017

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Annually one of the biggest, if not the biggest race in our calendar, BUCS XC 2017 did not disappoint.  Held this year in Sheffield, it was the shortest drive we've had in 3 years down there; being a cool 6 hours! After finding our way to our castle-esque hostel in Eyam to get a good pre race sleep, we set off. 21 runners, face-paint and 'Soreen' loaves in hand ready to take on the competition at Graves Park.

The mens long course was 10.36km, the short being 8.18km and women's 7.38km, the course consisted of a mixture of short and long laps, the latter including an incredibly muddy incline and decline, which ended in a jump over a small hay-filled bog. Consisting of several long inclines and a totally beaten up course (imagine what would happen if you were run over by 1528 spikes), it wasn't everyone's favourite, despite the random hay bale jump. However overall the race was a great experience.

On our way back to the hostel we stopped off at the scenic town of Bakewell, where we bought some traditional authentic bakewell puddings to share after pizza-heavy dinners. The night ended with a few pints and some smashing card games at a local pub, before heading home the next day via a quick run in Hassop.


146th Philip Wright 37:27
206th Isaac Bonisteel 39:40
216th Stephen McDougall 40:07
253rd Andrew Taylor 41:56
291st Charlie Hillman 44:27

263rd Corrin Blake 33:16
357th Louisa Bryant 35:23
378th Annabel Personeni 35:46
399th Molly Pace 36:12
432nd Emily Waas 37:06
600th Sarah MacNeill 45:26

257th Chris Russell 32:51
258th Sam Mason 32:52
313rd Evan Bohan 34:25
320th Sam Lesley 34:38
402nd Calum MacGregor 36:24
457th Anton Weatherhead 38:19
502nd Corey Smith 40:02
503rd Kai Garson-Shumway 40:03

Full results can be found here, and searching for 'BUCS'

Charlie Hillman
Publicity Rep

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