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Allan Scallys Road Relays

posted 5 Nov 2016, 17:45 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 15 Nov 2016, 13:48 ]

Possibly one of the hardest road courses some of us had ever done, this 4.8 mile relay gave the men's A, B  and C teams and the women's A and B teams a challenging race. With undulating gradient and many turns, it wasn't one for the fastest times, but team support was on point, and face paint courtesy of Emily and Molly was much appreciated. Joined by universities Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Strathclyde  and Glasgow,, along with local athletic clubs, and with a total of 145 runners, it made for a great day out in Glasgow. Though a few individual times were reported wrong, special mention goes to Phillip Wright for getting 21st individual male with a time of 27:18, and Chloe Martin, for getting 14th individual female with a time of 32:55. Also special mention to the men's B team, who very nearly beat the A team, and were ahead for most of the race, resulting in a very dramatic finish by men's A Euan Brownlie.

Full photoset can be found here, only some made it onto the viewer above due to technical issues


A (Andrew Taylor, Andrew Mitchell, Stephen McDougall, Euan Brownlie)
8th, 1:54:35
B (Phillip Wright, Charlie Hillman, Isaac Bonisteel, Joe Cherry)
9th, 1:54:45
C (Evan Bohan, Sam Lesley, Daniel Hale, Corey Smith)
10th, 1:55:39

A (Louisa Bryant, Corrin Blake, Chloe Martin)
6th, 1:42:58
B (Molly Pace, Emily Wass)
Unplaced, incomplete team

8th Corey Smith 25:37 (disputed)
21st Phillip Wright 27:18
28th Euan Brownlie 27:54
33rd Andrew Mitchell 28:26
34th Isaac Bonisteel 28:27
43rd Andrew Taylor 29:00
47th Charlie Hillman 29:15
48th Stephen McDougall 29:15
49th Daniel Hale 29:27
53rd Joe Cherry 29:45
56th Evan Bohan 29:54
66th Sam Lesley 30:41

14th Chloe Martin 32:55
20th Corrin Blake 33:26
32nd Emily Wass 36:01
37th Molly Pace 36:34
38th Louisa Bryant 36:37

Full results can be found here

Charlie Hillman
Publicity Rep