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BUCS Cross Country

posted 14 Mar 2016, 17:38 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 18 Mar 2016, 13:12 ]

Originally posted 7 Feb 2016, 23:14 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport

A weekend away to England, a race through foot-deep mud, and a good slice of unrivaled banter. It could only be our annual trip to BUCS!

We departed St Andrews around lunchtime on Friday, and began one of the most memorable journeys in modern XC history! The excitement was real, so real in fact that some of us forgot essential items for the trip, such as cutlery for eating lunch...

After two stops along the way, and much enthusiastic singing, we arrived at our home for the weekend: Gloucestershire Business Park Premier Inn, shortly after 10pm. We each shared rooms with one other athlete in the team, except for Dougal McStephen, who is of course too cool for sharing. We all settled for an early night to ensure we were fresh for the race.

On Saturday morning race fever was among us, however the weather was not on our side. Rain teemed down from the heavens and gale force winds battered the land. However, we are cross country runners and we live for conditions like these!

The course was relatively flat, but due to the conditions was flooded in places, and quickly became a mud bath after the races got under way. The first race of the day was the Men's A race, with Andrew, Bert, Charlie, Daniel and Stephen making up our team. They placed 51st uni overall, a good position considering that's out of the whole UK! I've listed individual results at the end of the article. The girls were up next, with Kim, Lauren, Louisa and Maggie representing us. They did even better, placing 45th! Finally it was the turn of the Men's B race, with Chris and Mateo competing. Chris ran a good race, coming back from a long spell of injury. It's good to have you back! Also, very well done to Mateo, who completed his first cross country race for the uni. 

After some lengthy showers, we headed over to Cheltenham for our night out. The venue was Moo Moo club, where we met up with the other Scottish unis. A good night was had by all, although some of us were definitely a little tired from the race!

After a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning we headed to Bibury, a Cotswold village where scenes from stardust were filmed. Here, a few of us went for an easy run while the others had a walk around this beautiful location. Following our quick stop here, we hit the road back to St Andrews.

A fantastic weekend was had by all, and it's a great reminder as to why we are the closest knit club in St Andrews. I would highly recommend this to anyone still here next year. It truly is one of the best weekends you'll ever have. Now get psyched for the trip away!

Quotes from the weekend:
'mud', 'that's not a pasta salad', 'I'm not drunk, I'm just carsick', 'CHARLIE!!!', 'MAGGIE!!!', 'Yo quiero dominoes', 'I will never let my kids run cross country'


Men's A race:
203rd Andrew Mitchell 38:16
257th Bert Leach 40:13
272nd Stephen McDougall 40:52
292nd Daniel Lynch 41:55
307th Charlie Hillman 43:50

Women's race:
236th Kim Timmins 27:48
357th Louisa Bryant 30:16
440th Maggie Sadler 32:04
498th Lauren Orr 34:01

Men's B race:
304th Chris Russell 32:38
453rd Mateo Jaramillo 41:12

Full race results can be found at: