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Livin' La vida Lake District

posted 27 Apr 2016, 06:27 by Cross Country Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 06:53 ]
On Friday 22nd April we set off on our annual trip away, and this year the destination was the Lake district. This weekend was a great opportunity for us to get closer, and reunite with some of our alumni. We stayed at Bassenthwaite Parish Hall: basically we all slept on one big open floor! It really felt like being back at school camp!

The real adventures began on the Saturday! We traveled to Windermere for a nice scenic run along the side of the lake. We had one group ran about 10 miles, and others doing shorter options, plus a walking group for those that were injured.

On Saturday afternoon, by request of McMaster, we drove to Patterdale for a hike. Helvellyn was the mountain of choice. Reaching the summit required a scramble along an arete, and battling through snow. On the way down we got a bit lost, so took about an hour longer than expected (sorry to the guys that headed back early!) However, it was well worth it as the walk was one of the most scenic and picturesque I have done for a while.

Sunday saw a small group of us embark on a run up Skiddaw, the closest mountain to where we were staying. This run involved over 800m of ascent: not for the faint hearted!.However, I have heard from the group that did this that is was a very enjoyable route. Rather you than me! Another group headed to Grassmere for their run. The rest of us also went to Grassmere later in the day, to sample the world famous gingerbread! This town is also where William Wordsworth is buried, so has a bit of history as well! It's a nice quaint town, and I would recommend you visit it at some point if you haven't done so already. The locals are very nice, one even gave us some free Kendal mint cake!

On Sunday night we returned to Scotland, reveling in the memories of another great weekend away. Of course we were gutted that it was over, but all in all very happy we came.